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📍Massage heads : How to use your JOLT™ massage gun

JOLT™ can be used with 6 massage heads depending on the parts of your body you want to massage.

Round Head: Its spherical design with soft coating allows it to work large muscle groups such as the back of the thigh and the calf, the triceps, ... It is mainly suitable for new users sensitive to vibrations.

Flat Head : It allows you to relax any body muscle for a classic massage.

"U"-Shape Head: Its shape fits perfectly the spine and cervical/neck. It also fits the shoulder and other bilateral muscles (do not touch the spine and neck directly to avoid injury).

Cylindrical head : The conical shape of this head allows an impacting and toning massage with a significant pressure depth. It is suitable for the meridians, soles of the feet, palms of the hands, Achilles heel, rhomboid muscles of the back, ...

Arrow Head : This head is a variation of the flat head, we have added on its top a soft arched coating so that it can adapt to the asperities of your body. It is suitable for soft tissues (tissues that support the structures and organs of the body such as muscles), internal and external abdominal muscles, chest and leg.

Key Head: Its flat and long shape allows you to massage deep and long muscle groups. It acts similarly to the cylindrical head but covers a wider muscle area. It can also be used on the hips.