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Birth of JOLT

Passionate about sports, Pierre and Emile met during their youth in a footbal club in Toulouse. Unknowingly, they will follow each other inside and outside the fields and will never leave each other.

Playing at a high level, plagued by injuries, their progress in the sport slowed down. In 2015, after their business studies and in parallel with football, they started their first business in the technology industry (a business they sold 2 years later). They spend all their spare time to this first entrepreneurial adventure with all its impacts on the body: stress, fatigue, injuries, neck pain, ...
The impact of the lack of time on their physical health directly affects their daily wellbeing. They become aware that their body is a vehicle for achieving their life goals, so they must find a way to preserve it!

They first decided to intensely solicit their physiotherapist. During these 3 years of hard work, visits to their physiotherapist became increasingly frequent. Although the physiotherapy sessions are essential, they require time and presence, which is not always compatible with very hectic days, travel, and high-level sports. They came up with the idea of creating a miniaturized device to accompany them on a daily basis and thus complete the treatment of a professional.

They exchanged ideas extensively with their physiotherapist to develop an appropriate and easy to use product that would meet this need, no matter where you are.

After 1 year of development, many expert opinions, prototypes and tests, JOLT™ saw the light of day with its first product for the general public: the JOLT™ Bolt massage gun. The verdict fell very quickly: the feedback from the first customers was unequivocal, JOLT™ was a small revolution in their daily lives!

Nowadays, JOLT™ is proud to accompany more than 50,000 athletes, professional or amateur, but also entrepreneurs, craftsmen, workers, retirees, accident victims... in their daily wellness! The +3000 reviews from our customers testify to the benefits of our equipment: from muscle soreness to postoperative recovery, including re-athletization or daily pain relief. JOLT™ has become the benchmark muscle recovery brand available to everyone.

Our objective: Help people feel better about their bodies every day!

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"Positive or negative, criticism is always constructive, use it to prove that you are capable of the best. "

JOLT™ JOLT what is it and for whom?

JOLT™ is innovation in the service of recovery and performance, available to all. Our product line helps optimize and speed up recovery, improve muscle amplitude and treat many muscle/tendon pathologies.

With support from sports and health professionals, we develop natural solutions to help our users achieve their objectives.


  • Accessibility
    Our products are designed for everyone who wants to improve their wellbeing, at a fair price: athletes, regular or occasional athletes, people with pathologies or pain, etc.
  • Support
    To create easy to use products and "educational" content to help you use them.
  • Proximity
    To preserve what animates us since the beginning: our exchanges with our community to meet your needs as best as possible.
  • Innovation
    To keep being creative and to imagine the products of tomorrow by offering natural solutions.
  • Performance
    Imagined to reach the best of each of us.

Recovery and wellness for all

What if you too decided to look after yourself?
Trying JOLT™ is adopting it.


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Our background and ambition

First prototypes were created with our historical physiotherapist.

JOLT™ Bolt, the brand's first massage gun, launched with a "deep" treatment focus.

JOLT™ Mini launch, a "maintenance" (less amplitude) but smaller and lighter massage gun.
New accessories and complementary products are released.

Launch of JOLT™ Boots (compression boots), a pressotherapy device for ultra fast muscle recovery, relieving heavy legs, combating water retention and promoting lymphatic drainage.

Our ambition is to become the European leader in muscle recovery by expanding the range with products that constantly push the limits of technology:
- Recovery sleeves
- Massage guns with more amplitude for a more regenerative treatment
- Heating and cooling massage heads
- Cryotherapy combined with pressotherapy

We like to ask questions and to make sense of our story, we really appreciate your feedback to improve our products and the experience we offer you ♡
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